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  1. Analysis of the seabuckthorn sector in Mongolia (10/2015).

  2. Analysis of the value chain of sheep wool in Arkhangai (10/2015).

  3. Baselines on sheep wool sector in Arkhangai and seabuckthorn sector in Uvs (2016/2017)

Cluster group formation and development

  1. Formation of cluster groups in Uvs (seabuckthorn) and Arkhangai (sheep wool) under the local chambers of commerce and industry (11/2015).

  2. Training for cluster group consultants based on experiences from Brazil (4/2016).

  3. Follow-up training for the cluster group Uvs and a training with representatives from the admin-istration of Uvs Aimag on methods of participatory priority setting (11/2016).

Organizational development of Mongolian chambers

  1. Training and coaching the management team of MNCCI on particular aspects of organizational development such as the organizational structure and the evaluation of services offered (11/2016).

  2. Training and coaching on elaboration of international market studies with the example of seabuck-thorn markets in Japan and South Korea (5/2017).