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The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Mongolian Wool Producers Association developed policy paper on sheep wool sector in the context of the ProValue project

They called the Government of Mongolia and development partners to invest more in modernization of wool procurement. These included:

  • Change the current system of shearing sheep and camel wool by herders themselves, establish a specialized teams for the preparation of raw materials in each soum, and train wool shearers.
  • Establish a warehouse for raw materials in each soum and provide equipment for sorting raw materials (sorting tables, presses, scales, wool racks, etc.).
  • Provide a specialized raw material preparation team with the necessary technical equipment and auxiliary materials (electric shears, sharpeners, generators, found sacks, etc.).
  • Provide support from relevant government agencies for organizing raw material procurement teams and local shearing.
  • Establish infrastructure for herders for veterinary dippings in order to improve the health status of their livestock.

The establishment of permanent teams for the procurement of raw materials in each soum will create opportunities to increase and maintain jobs and increase the gross domestic product of rural areas. In addition, regular coverage of livestock with veterinary services will ensure that the quality of raw materials does not deteriorate due to animal diseases and that the use of raw materials is increased.

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