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January 2020: Conducting two trainings for a group of felt producers in Ar-khangai

The trainings were conducted by local experts for a group of 10 felt producers in Arkhangai and focused on stitching techniques as well as sewing garments.

25th – 27th January 2020: Training on good practices of sea buckthorn cultivation performed by the cluster group of Uvs in Khovd and Bayan-Ulgii
12th - 23rd February 2020: Analysis of marketing channels of sea buckthorn in Uvs Aimak
March 2020: Update of a booklet on good practices in sea buckthorn cultivation and farm activity log
June 2020: Further development of the sea buckthorn trial plot and nursery in Ulaangom/Uvs
June 2020: Establishment of a sea buckthorn model farm compliant with Global GAP standards was initiated in Ulaangom/Uvs
22nd June 2020: Publication of a policy statement entailing proposals for the fur-ther development of the wool industry by MNCCI
29th - 30th June 2020: Conducting two trainings on electric sheep shearing in Ar-khangai
June and July 2020: Results from the Centre for Sheep Shearing and Animal Hy-giene, Erdenebulgan Soum, Arkhangai
5th - 7th September 2020: Participation in the Innatex Trade Fair for Sustainable Textiles in Germany
October 2020: Laboratory tests of 27 samples of sea buckthorn berries conducted.
27th October 2020: Fourth Sea Buckthorn Festival in Uvs
27th - 29th October 2020: Training on branding and online marketing carried out in Ulaangom/Uvs.
November 2020: Finalization of the business plan for a plant to produce sea buck-thorn jam in Ulaangom/Uvs
11th November 2020: Conducting the first sea buckthorn cluster forum "Mongo-lian sea buckthorn in the world market" with EU-TRAM
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