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Cluster Group Arkhangai Aimag

Cluster Lead: P.Byambasuren

Cluster members: 15

Number of sheep: 2668000 ( in 2016)

Wool yield per year: 2246436 kg

Number of felt producers: 15 (in Tsetserleg)


Development of the sheep wool value chain in Arkhangai

  1. Two trainings on sorting and marking of sheep wool with a total of 73 herders.

  2. Initiating the establishment of the Bag Centre for Bathing and Shearing of Sheep and Storage of Sheep Wool in Erdenebulgan Soum (fencing 5 hectares of land, building a well, installing the facil-ities for bathing sheep, purchase of a small truck by the cooperative which will run the centre; opening of center in 6/2016).

  3. Negotiating with the Nekheesgui Edlel company consulting support for the treatment of waste water of a wool washing plant planned to be established in Khotont Soum (6/2016, still ongoing).

  4. Study of the market for felt products in Ulaanbaatar including recommendations for innovative felt products (6-9/2016).

  5. Study tour to two wool carding factories in Ulaanbaatar (11/2016).

  6. Initiating the drafting of a business plan for a wool carding facility in Arkhangai (11/2016, still on-going).

  7. Prepare trainings on felt production and on new felt products (still ongoing).