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With the support of the regional chambers of commerce and industry in Uvs and Arkhangai, local SMEs formed cluster groups in the fields of seabuckthorn and sheep wool. The cluster groups are composed of cultivators (seabuckthorn), herders (sheep wool), and processing companies as well as support organizations (local associations, banks as well as different branches of the aimag administration). The cluster groups have the task of identifying the needs of the respective sector and developing actions. The actions aim at enhancing the productivity of primary producers or processors, improving product quality according to good agricultural and good manufacturing practices, developing new products and promoting marketing. The actions proposed by the cluster groups are discussed during annual workshops with all relevant stakeholders. The most promising actions are selected and supported by the partnership project through providing expertise and training, promoting research and development and co-financing small-scale equipment as well as small-scale infrastructure enhancement. The support is always extended to the cluster groups and the sector in Uvs and Arkhangai, never to individual companies. The cluster groups take care of the implementation of the actions themselves. Constant coaching, monitoring and evaluation helps to ensure a high implementation quality.

Partnership Project between MNCCI/DIHK:
Pattern SME support by cluster groups